+ What do you do during sessions?
+ Do you only offer online reviews?
+ Can I share the library with my father/mother/brother/sister/friend?
+ How can I make a payment?
+ I’ve availed of the 1on1 Package B but I want to avail of the Unli Package instead. Can I switch?
+ Package B is valid for 1 year. Does that mean that I can book for sessions for one whole year?
+ Do I still have access to the online library even when I have already taken the IELTS/OET exam?
+ Can you book me for the IELTS/OET exam?
+ My agency will be paying for my enrollment. Is that okay?
+ Why is the Paypal and BPI accounts for payment under Convey English Online, Inc.?
+ Is SurePasser Review Online legit?
+ What are your Terms and Conditions?