Terms of Service Agreement

General Reminders

There are general stipulations and minimum requirements that students must remember when availing the services offered by SurePasser Online Review. They are as follows:

  • SurePasser Online Review only offers the services advertised in its official Facebook page and website. Services or add-on products that were not specifically mentioned in any of these official outlets are not offered by the company.
  • The students are required to have access to the Internet when they avail of the online courses. At least 1mbps internet connection speed is required to have an efficient and effective session. If the student doesn’t have stable Internet connection during a session, SurePasser is not liable nor is the company obliged to refund the student.
  • SurePasser Online Review offers customer support in both its Facebook page and Skype.
  • Sessions are conducted via Skype. The student should use a digital device (desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet) that supports the latest version of Skype.

Course Coverage

The students have stipulations to remember regarding the course they avail in SurePasser Online Review. They are as follows:

  • The student can choose the duration of the courses. There are main packages but there are add-on services as well. The total hours of review will depend on what the student avails.
  • The sessions that the students can avail can be comprised with only listening, reading, speaking, or writing. It may be a combination of two or more too.
  • The student can decide on the schedule convenient to him or her.
  • The student can add additional hours to his or her package even when currently subscribed to a package.
  • The subscription to the sessions offered by SurePasser Online Review is non-transferable. It is only for personal use.

Information Collection, Usage, and Security

SurePasser Online Review shall collect information relevant to the services offered. Here are the types of information that the company shall collect:

  • Personal information students knowingly provide (name, email address, contact information, etc.)
  • Registered user information (account name, password, etc.) collected while availing the service.
  • Other information voluntarily sent by the student (testimonials, photos, etc.)

As for the collection, usage, and security of a student’s account:

  • The student shall provide personal information that are true in all respects.
  • The information collected shall be within the knowledge of the student.
  • The information collected shall only be used in the fulfillment of the student’s requests, inquiries, and to offer products and services that SurePasser Online Review can offer.
  • SurePasser Online Review will not rent, lease, or sell a student’s personal information to others. Personal information are not shared with third parties unless it is in response to a student’s specific request to do so.
  • SurePasser Online Review shall take all security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, loss, or misuse.

Termination of Account

SurePasser Online Review reserves the right to terminate your student account on the following grounds:

  • Failure to pay for the service or if the payment is withdrawn after being accepted.
  • Violation of SurePasser Online Review Terms and Conditions.

SurePasser Online Review reserves the right to modify the terms of this service agreement without prior notice for the more efficient use and betterment of the offered services.


We accept only the payment methods outlined in the payment methods page.

Refund Policy

SurePasser Online Review follows a “NO REFUND” policy after payment.


Availing of the SurePasser services means that you agree to the following:

  • To provide personal information that are true in all respects.
  • Have read, understood, and have accepted the Terms and Conditions stated herein.